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Your Internship in USA

How to find an internship in USA?
The United States internship program is quite different from the European one. For example, in France, most of the time, the internship is mandatory to get your degree. In the United States, the American students don't have to do an internship. They don't need a professional experience to get their degree. However, the American companies are glad to welcome a student from overseas. Your internship applications will have to be personalised and you will have to call or write each week to get your internship quickly. Please apply directly on our internship offers on http://www.helpstage.com/stages/offre_de_stage/usa/

Which visa do you need for your internship in the USA?

You will need a Visa J1, required to be in compliance with U.S. authorities, even if your stay in the United States doen't exceed 90 days and even if the internship is unpaid.
The students who go on a tourist visa for an internship take the risk of being denied into the country or even being refused to enter the American territory for many years or for life. Internship applications must always mention your steps for the J1 visa. If it is not mentioned, the company may think that they will have to process the visa request for you and you will rarely get a positive response.






The Visa J1 terms

The visa J1 for the students or the young graduates is the visa "intern".

Any applicant for a visa "J1 intern" must fullfill the following conditions:
- You are a student or you have been recently graduated from less than 12 months in a course related to the internship requested.
- You have minimum 2 years of study after the baccalaureate, which means that you have a Bachelor or a Master. A degree certificate will be asked in English. Indead, you will need to ask your university or school to send you a signed certificate, with the date of graduation and its equivalent in the American school system (Bachelor or Master).
- The position offered in the Visa J1 program must be something valuable on your resume and cannot be compared with your previous internship experiences.
- You have a level in English allowing you to speak and understand a conversation in English. 
- You can prove that your intention is to come back to your country after your internship in the USA and that this internship improves your career (You will have to show from your country: lease, rent receipt, past records payroll, contracts, bank references, etc.).
- You have a professional opportunity with a position/job offer in a company.

    How to get the Visa J1 ?                                           To get your Visa J1, you will need to contact directly an American sponsor, or an agency in your country, which is an "agent" for the American Sponsor. The American Sponsor will check that you have all the conditions required to apply for an internship in the USA. Their role is not limited to that. They also have to check if the company is strong enough to welcome a student (number of employees, turnover, etc). You will then have to fill a document called the DS-2019, which is a legal document, with a number and your name, only delivered by the American Government via a legal Sponsor agency. You get your visa between 3 and 5 weeks.


The appointment at the Consulate


-Fill the document I-901 online https://www.fmjfee.com/i901fee/ (SEVIS) and print the receipt for the consulate.

- You need to go to the post office to pay by money order only on the account 2006L. Attach the file with the "Receipt to be kept by the sender".

This payment is required and there is no provision for reimbursement, even in case of refusal, withdrawal or double payment.

-Buy a Chronopost envelope so the Consulate can send you back the documents.

-Make an appointment at the consulate by their call center or online. Please note that requests for appointments are processed in the order of requests.


Before any application, visit the website http://www.usvisa-france.com/visa-web/index.jsp?locale=fr_FR


On the day:


To attend the interview with your completed application:

- A valid passport (the validity of the applicant's passport should cover a period of six months beyond the date of his departure from the United States).

- A recent photograph (less than 6 months)

- The appropriate forms

- Documents in support of the application (certificate of employment, purpose of travel, financial situation): A letter from your school stating your level of education and length of stay. It is your responsibility to convince the consular officer that you intend to return to your home country after a full course.
Proof of funds available for the payment of your studies (bank statements or payslips).

- Proof of the Visa application payment.

- An envelope Chronopost (per family) to your address for the return of the passports after the visas acceptation.

You will have to come without baggage and without electronic equipment. The cameras are also prohibited. Mobile phones must be handed over to security personnel before entering the waiting room.

Expect a wait of at least two hours before being received. Please note that incomplete applications will lead inevitably to delays in processing your request.
The consular officer will take your fingerprints and he will respond favorably or unfavorably at the end of the appointment. If the answer is yes, the officer will keep the envelope Chronopost and your passport will be returned within three days to several weeks.


You will receive your visa by post, useful for booking your airline ticket.
You must purchase insurance to be covered in case of medical expenses on site. This insurance is mandatory and proposed by the U.S. sponsor. Know that medical costs in the United States have nothing to do with Europe and are widely higher.



You can visit the famous website craigslist. You'll even find vacancies and other classifieds by U.S. cities.