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Want to find a challenging entry position where you truly learn all about online marketing and e-Commerce? Do you want to take on responsibility for an entire online shop? Then become an online marketer in the Netherlands for one of the leading European companies !

A day on the job
You’re at the office in the city centre of Eindhoven, the Netherlands. In our office you’re surrounded by online marketing specialists, product specialists, developers and fellow marketers (interns), who are responsible for their countries.
During the day you’ll be working on growing and improving your country’s webshop, which includes:
● Writing and optimizing content to achieve the best rankings (SEO)
● Creating and optimizing your ad campaigns to perform even better than yesterday (SEA / PPC / Google Adwords)
● Analyzing data and determining your next steps based on the results (mainly Google Analytics)
● Researching your market for gaps in our product assortment (marketing research)
● Promoting how-to and related videos on our Youtube channels
● Planning brilliant posts on social media that engage our audience (Facebook, Twitter)
● Researching growth opportunities by optimising the shop for your country’s needs
● Assessing and optimising your shop in terms of usability
You will drive the growth of our French online shop. As e-Commerce Specialist you will be responsible for the overall performance of your shop. Researching growth opportunities, optimising advertisements and growing the online presence - you will be in charge.
You will be measuring the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for your country’s webshop.
With this information you will draw smart conclusions on how to improve the results for your shop. With this position comes a big share of responsibility.
But you will also enjoy freedom in decision-making for your shop.You will decide, which subjects really matter and which area you should put your efforts in. Over time you’ll see that your shop has made huge improvements and that you’re the one who made that happen.
We ask you to
✓ Preferably have a university-level degree
✓ Have an analytical and critical eye
✓ Be native French
✓ Be fluent in English
✓ Be curious and constantly striving to know more
✓ Be passionate about online marketing

We offer
● One year of full-time contract in the Netherlands
● Starting date can be discussed
● Excellent on-the-job coaching and training by online marketing specialists
● Competitive salary
● Great international working atmosphere with helpful colleagues
● Various career opportunities

Are you the new team member we are looking for? Then we invite you to apply. contact@helpstage.com
Please send us your application letter and an extensive CV!

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