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Helpstage in LONDON

United Kingdom
You will work for an institution specialising in digital media and design.
We are a committed voluntary group of development thinkers starting up a civic engagement project in larger umbrella educational institution.
To assist with the development and implementation of our new initiative we’re looking for a volunteer, graduate or student to become our marketing assistant for 3 weeks or more.

This is a unique opportunity to learn about organisational leadership and campaigning skills, how to shape organisations so that they are socially purposeful, how to bring about positive change and how to learn the art of advanced negotiation skills.

Your daily tasks will be:

- Study and set up a wordpress blog platform for digital platforms such as facebook and websites.

- Creation of our folder/brochures layout for presentations and events.

- Do amendments in a standard layout as logo applications and institutional website and everything else related, such as internal pages, site map and project related pages;

- Lead on getting designs and artwork created for PR and marketing, and other routine admin work on a daily basis.

- You should be comfortable working individually, proactive, friendly and keen to learn new skills.

You will work in an open office space with kitchen in a creative environment. It's a great space and we love it here. It's a small team- with lots of opportunities for you to meet students and colleagues in other community based initiates. We get along very well and it's fun to work in community organising.
Travel expenses are paid (Oyster card zones 1-2).

Interested? Send us your resume to Marie Planchat: contact@helpstage.com
Don't forget to put the link of this internship offer in your email.

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