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Helpstage in LONDON

United Kingdom
You will work for a company managing pharma, energy, defence and auto sectors.

You will be responsible for the following:
- Press Release diffusion via major PR agencies
- Monitor web traffic via Google Analytics
- Produce reports based on web traffic analytics
- Use social networking as a channel to help promote our brand and line of products
- Put up blogs on key blogging sites
- Generating leads for the sales team
- Monitoring sales trends
- Producing excel data to illustrate sales trends and patterns across the business
- Use the company CRM system to help populate the database
- Create marketing collateral in PDF format for promotional purposes
- Report back to the Commercial Director with regular analytics reports on the various marketing channels

This internship is an excellent opportunity to grasp the key areas in business to business marketing and getting experience in working with some clients from huge blue chip organisations across the globe in the pharma, energy, defence or auto sectors

£10 per day to cover their travel expenses. There is a free staff bus shuttle service to and from East Croydon train station every day, on the hour.

If you are interested, please send us a resume to contact@helpstage.com

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