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Helpstage in PERTH

Our company is a service marketing and advertising agency.

We are looking for a website administrator, for the following functions;

The web administration role, and will be able to handle linux system, web administration, email support, application installation and website security for Wordpress

- Utilising our existing hosts – Uber Global, provide the following support;
- Website Hosting / Cpanel set up
- Hosting trouble shooting
- Domain / DNS set ups
- Email Hosting Management
- Email set up support and troubleshooting
- Plug in updates
- And then fixing issues if/ when they happen
- Wordpress updates
- And then fixing issues if/ when they happen
- Back ups
- Immediate back up restorations as needed
- Updates on security threats (and minimising these)
- Set up email forwarding as needed
- Programming from layered .psd file
- Front / back end programming capabilities

Other admin functions;
- Office 365 set and management
- Migration of emails
- adding deleting users as needed
- Internal office system support as needed
- Onsite set up for new employees – email and systems (as needed)
- Tech support

Allowance: $1000/Month

If you are interested, please send us a resume to: contact@helpstage.com

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