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Helpstage in OTTAWA

Sales/Business development for Western Europe Francophone Block (France/Belgium/Switzerland)

US: Located in Ottawa, Canada, we are a data analytics and application development company selling information products to legal professionals and companies in the intellectual property area around the world.

YOU: Working as part of our sales and marketing department (U.S., Europe and Asia), you will play a crucial role in promoting our products/services to businesses (client acquisition and retention in France, Belgium and Switzerland). This position will involve travel to France/Switzerland, as necessary. We are looking for someone who can help develop new relationships and eventually help set up our office in France.
You are fluent in French and very familiar to selling to the French market (from Paris to Geneva to Liege).

You are available for 6-12 months.

• Adventurous, love a challenge
• Enthusiastic, fun, self-motivated, you have an obvious love of live and whatever you do
• Communicator, excellent interpersonal skills and writing skills
• Entrepreneur, self-starter
• Excellent phone skills, understand how to talk to people and speak to the right target
• Disciplined & methodical, excellent time management and prioritizing
• Perceptive et sensitive, understand buyer motivations and psychology
• Knowledge of social networks, LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook and continuous client contact
• Exceptional marketing knowledge and sales background

This position is unpaid. It will lead to commissions and a permanent position, if you perform to expectations.

If you are interested, please send your resume to Marie Planchat at contact@helpstage.com with the internet link of the internship offer.

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