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Helpstage in MELBOURNE

You will work for an Australian based consulting agency, specialising in Business improvement and development projects, marketing, events and special projects, predominantly in the fashion, and consumer goods industries and online retail.
Projects include Australian and international initiatives including the US.

Internship opportunities exist for students interested in marketing and business management in a Project Coordinator role. This varied role will provide opportunities to experience working across various projects, working closely with the director of the business.

Tasks will include
-Research projects
-Data entry
-Event co-ordination
-Client liaison
-International partner engagement
-Marketing strategies
-Web content updates
-Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Management

No prior experience necessary, however applicants must:
-Have strong capabilities in written and spoken English
-Be self-motivated, willing to research and engage in self-learning to complete new and unfamiliar tasks, and work independently, occasionally without supervision.
-Have a positive attitude and willingness to action any assigned task
-Be flexible and adaptable to varied working environment, including working in various office with various clients
-Be interested in small/micro business environments and understand that this requires dynamic skills and interest in various experiences, unlike a large business where very specific roles are the norm.
-Have your own laptop computer.

The internship is unpaid. Any work related expenses will be covered, and flexibility to work part-time in other jobs is provided. We have hosted many international students who have found the experience very valuable. We provide advice and support in finding accommodation and settling in Australia.

Students with other interests and specialties are welcome to apply. We will consider applications and create roles for suitable candidates. As an example (not limited to) graphic designers, video editing, social media/digital marketing, accounting/finance, web-developing.

If you are interested, please send us a resume to contact@helpstage.com

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