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Helpstage in LONDON

United Kingdom
You will work for an accredited language school based in London.

Reporting to the Course Manager, main responsibilities are as follows:

1. Booking and Placement Administration

Process course enquiries, bookings and placements:
- Collate course enquiries from all sources, create application files and ensure all details are logged accurately on school databases
- When necessary, contact applicant students / agents to ensure all required information is collected for a successful placement
- Contact tutors and students to ensure timely confirmation of course acceptance
- Ensure that travel and transfer requirements and student contact information is collated and recorded in advance of a course commencing
- Contact host tutors to remind them of upcoming courses and ensure that all materials are prepared
- When necessary, order and dispatch books and other teaching materials to host tutors
- Post course completion, contact students and teachers to ensure that they provide feedback
- Assist with preparing and raising invoices to students and agents
- Perform other Booking and Placement data management tasks as required
- Administer the Vis-a-Vis online English lessons programme

2. Digital Marketing
Under the management of the Director, oversee and implement the school’s digital and social marketing strategy:
- Create suitable original online content for inclusion on the blog, forum and social media sites
- Source content from host tutors, students, and external organisations (e.g. British Council and English UK)
- Monitor public engagement with and response to digital marketing strategy, record trends, and create reports for management
- Develop digital and social connections with current and ex-students
- Administer, develop and monitor online referral and affiliate marketing programmes

3. Host Tutor Administration
Support the Host Tutor Manager in developing and maintaining the network of host tutors:
- Inform host tutors of upcoming CPD opportunities and social events
- Input and amend host tutors’ data, ensuring that profiles are kept up-to-date and free of errors
- Ensure that host tutors’ availability and preferences are updated and noted on school databases
- Ensure that host tutors’ website profiles are developed and maintained
- Inform host tutors of upcoming CPD opportunities and social events

4. Office Administration
Support the Course Manager in ensuring that office and operations functions are carried out effectively and efficiently:
- Manage outgoing and incoming post
- Ensure that filing systems are maintained and updated as required
- Answer telephones and monitor incoming email, passing emails to the relevant team member to process
- Assist in sending out mailings for marketing purposes
- As part of a team, maintain records and standards required for British Council and International House accreditation
- Ensure post-course record keeping is accurate and efficient
- Undertake other general administrative tasks as required

5. Marketing

Support the Director in ensuring that:
- Agent contact information is maintained accurately on school databases
- Changes in terms and conditions, prices, course offerings and locations are effectively communicated to agents and clients

Terms of Engagement

Hours per week: 37.5
Salary: National minimum wage (from April 2018, £5.90 per hour for 18-20 year olds and £7.38 per hour for 21-24 year olds)

If you are interested, please send us a resume to contact@helpstage.com

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