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Helpstage in LONDON

United Kingdom
You will work for a start up in fashion in London.

Your missions:
• Driving customer acquisition, retention and ROI across all key marketing channels
• Preparing, co-ordinating and executing the marketing communications plan.
• Data and customer analysis and to report on all website and marketing effectiveness and customer behaviour
• Management of marketing content production
• Develop new commercial ideas to increase website traffic, conversions, retention, average order and sales.
• Management and development of SEO, digital marketing and social media tracking tools
• Content Development
• Content Editing
• Social Media Management
• Development & Management of Facebook and Twitter advertising
• Copywriting
• Website Development and management
• Management of google analytics and report on all activity
• Compiling monthly marketing report
• Develop email marketing campaigns, welcome emails, promotional campaigns etc
• CRM management
• PR and Marketing Events
• Affiliate Scheme Management
• Fit Model and Campaign Model

Skills required: photoshop, communication skills, social media, previous experience in the fashion industry is preferred.

£6.70/hour for 21-24;
£5.30/hour for 18-20;
£3.87/hour for under 18.
£7.20 for people who’s 25 years old or over;

30 hours/week

If you are interested, please send us a resume to contact@helpstage.com

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