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Helpstage in ONTARIO

You will work for a company specialized in computer systems.

• Responsible for implementing various marketing techniques and methods to attract new business.
• Support business marketing and market research for the firm.
• Improve client/customer support for the firm using business marketing and/or Information and Communication Technologies (hereinafter referred to as ICT).
• Enhance productivity of the enterprise using business marketing and/or ICT.
• Enhance visibility of the firm using business marketing and/or ICT.
• Enhance productivity and competitiveness for the firm through the project.
• Implement strategies to attract new clients and increase sales revenue with existing clients.
• Must be self-motivated, have excellent organization skills, and be able to work under minimal supervision.

• Business and Client relations experience absolutely necessary.
• Working knowledge of technical marketing and its various conveyance methods is mandatory.
• Working knowledge of Windows 7, Microsoft Office.
• Ability to create proposals, make presentations, and follow-up calls.
• Ability to work in a small, dynamic team. Able to take on multiple roles and responsibilities as needed.

• Strong background in multiple marketing techniques.
• Between 22 and 30 years of age at the project start date (inclusive).
• Recently graduated from a post-secondary education program in the past 3 years
• Application Software: MS Office.
• Excellent communication skills.

Remuneration: based on commissions

If you are interested, please send your resume to Marie Planchat at contact@helpstage.com with the internet link of the internship offer.

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