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Helpstage in LONDON

United Kingdom
4-6 Months Internship - Marketing Assistant Manager - Film Distribution.

We are a London based film exhibitor organisation, with team members based in the UK, USA, and Iran.

We would like to add to our team a person who has experience, expertise or interest in marketing, administration role, and social media management for a VOD platform.
This position is a great opportunity to step into the entertainment and film industry.

Working with our Operations team and assisting with:

- Managing email inboxes
- Using Monday.com to organise team workflow and set up meetings/appointments
- Document and document template creation
- Note-taking
- Other administrative duties as required

Desirable Skills:
• Excellent & fast computer skills - Apple/Mac & Google Workspace,
• Highly organised, with good time management,
• Good communication skills & willingness to speak up,
• Quick learner, able to get on board with new ways of working as the situation demands.

These will initially be part-time positions, moving to full-time in future. This is an unpaid role - however expenses will be paid if required.

Benefits we offer: Full training, references and recommendations when required. This role would suit someone who is happy to work in a growing start-up.
We pay travel expenses and lunch up to 150 per month, 200 depending on profile.

If you are interested, please send us a resume to contact@helpstage.com

Applications for less than 4 months won't be accepted.

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