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Helpstage in SINGAPORE

You will work for a company distributing/renting of innovative furniture in the Asia-Pacific region for event industry and hotel.

The opportunity
We are looking for motivated individuals to support this expansion in Singapore and regional markets!
If forging partnerships and sealing deals is your second nature, come out of hiding, you are the trainee we are looking for! You'll be supporting and working alongside the founder of the company.

Job description
Learn to act independently and make split second decisions. Hone your people’s skills as you learn to connect with your customer to fulfill customer happiness. Sounds exciting already? You bet! you have to be quick on your feet, and pounce on every opportunity you find!
Exposed to the business of sales and logistics, you get a taste of being in an expanding start up environment!
Are you like ready to withstand the challenge? Do you have what it takes to train as in sales? You’d know where to go!

● Support and execute sales strategies for expansion into new markets
● Map and prospect clients across sectors requiring
● Bring onboard new clients and subsequent shipper support
● Prepare marketing material to help with new client acquisition (mailing, brochure, catalog...)
● Meet prospects and existing customers, monitor client accounts and maintain client relationships
● Report of sales metrics for internal purposes
● Support events preparation and set-up (request good physical condition)
● Other related tasks

● First experience or at least interest in event industry
● Thrives at engaging with new people and closing accounts
● Enthusiastic and eager to learn
● Diligent and independent
● To be yourself

This is an unpaid internship. However, some compensation could be involved depending on the success of the missions.

Please send your resume to: contact@helpstage.com

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