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We are looking for a talented intern to work in marketing, communication and promotion for companies in fashion & retail, healthcare, hospitality and more.

Within our team, you will play a central role. You will work on optimizing the online marketing channels such as (Instagram, LinkedIn, etc). In addition, you will help create newsletters and build a growth strategy for us. These activities are expanded based on your education and interests. This can vary from a graduation report to producing or designing catchy content.

Day-to-day tasks:
– Creating content for all social media channels
– Maintaining the website
– Graphics & mailings and other communications design
– Think strategically with ideas to acquire or retain customers
– Find out how the service can be improved
– Working on market research that leads to a marketing and communication plan.

Dutch proficiency is a plus for this role but not mandatory. We are open to exceptional candidates who possess strong English language skills, both in writing and verbal communication. Additionally, the ideal candidate should be a good fit with our team and seeking a full-time position after the internship. The compensation ranges from EUR 600 to 1200 per month.

Interested ? Please send a resume in English to contact@helpstage.com

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