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Helpstage in BYRON BAY

Our internship program aims to provide students with a well rounded insight into the Australian Tourism market and provide you with the skill-set to move forward in your careers.

You are studying tourism or hospitality management.

This is a basic outline of our internship which can be changed depending on demand and student interest. If you are more interested in the marketing aspect, then you can spend more time on that or if it is sales you are interested in then you work more in that area.

1- Introduction to the Tourism Industry within Australia
Learn about Australia's top travel destinations and demographics.
An introduction to the company's history, mission and culture.
Discover what local tours are on offer and familiarise yourself.
Learn about backpackers experiences and trends.

2- Hostel operations
Work within a hostel and receive training for front of house, facilities management and housekeeping management.
Gain insight into how the hotel/hostel industry operates.
Welcome guests and gain more knowledge of travelling styles and accommodation options.
Live in-house to experience hostel life in Australia & New Zealand.
Learn how to overcome customer complaints and offer a high level of guest satisfaction and service.

3-Sales and customer service excellence
You will be training and learning the importance of how to pitch sales and conduct a Travel Talk.
Work within a store and receive training for sales and customer service excellence.
Help travellers experience their trip of a lifetime.
Learn how to excite and engage with customers
Plan and organise trips from one week to 3 months worth of travel.
Learn all destinations around Australia & New Zealand and what tours operate in those areas.
Learn how to meet and overcome objections and issues with customers.

4- Experience a trip for yourself
Head out on a familiarisation trip outside of your local area for some adventure!
Write a travel blog of your experiences over the week.
Upload Videos & Photos to the TAG pages.
Create content for social media and add to Facebook & Instagram stories.
Provide feedback and reviews for operators.

5- Call centre and online operations
Learn to create reservations and operate the call centre across two brands.
Experience a fast paced call centre environment, dealing with and directing phone calls across our network.
Gain experience with running an online digital marketplace including basic wordpress website updates.
Learn how to gather leads online with sales funnels.
Interact with customers online via our live chat feature.
Learn the basics of Social Media networks, creating basic graphics and content for social channels and syndicating posts across networks for optimum engagement.
Learn how to answer customer queries, rectify problems and identify new business opportunities.

Accommodation is optional however if you do choose to stay on site you will be provided with shared dormitory accommodation which you will be required to share with other students or staff. All linen is provided.
You will be given free internet/Wifi and Laundry facilities whilst studying your internship with us :)

- We offer free meals or a $70 per week meal allowance (depending on the location of the hostel).
- Our internships are 5 days per week - Monday - Sunday with 2 rostered days off, 38 hours per week.
- Our internships are a minimum of 12 weeks and a maximum of 6 months.

If you are interested, please send us a resume to contact@helpstage.com

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