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Helpstage in CAIRNS

You will work for a company operating in the tourism industry in Australia.

You are studying in marketing, tourism, ecotourism or sales.
You will have an opportunity to learn about marketing, trip operations, sales, and to a lesser extent, finance.
We are very casual, and a student with a good sense of humour would also be comfortable here.

We always have the need for development of new marketing materials, especially in French. Interns assist in organising our carbon offsetting program, preparing equipment and paperwork for group trips, translating web pages, researching new ways to find new European (especially French) clients, corresponding with potential clients in French, preparing client proposals, updating supplier information in our database, updating our blog and Facebook pages, organising digital photo collection, and creating marketing videos using our editing software.

You will help us to build our French web pages, assist on trips, create new marketing materials, and help gain customers in new regions.
You will learn Australian communication styles and will have many opportunities to hone your business English skills.

Unfortunately, we are unable to compensate interns as we are a very small business. However, we are able to offer a bicycle for transportation to/from the office (Cairns is very small, so typically an intern will not have to ride more than 20 minutes to get to us) and the opportunity to go out of trips to the Great barrier Reef, rainforest, etc. we also offer assistance in finding housing.

If you are interested, please send your resume to Marie Planchat at contact@helpstage.com with the internet link of the internship offer.

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