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Helpstage in SYDNEY

You will work for a chain of hostels in Australia. This internship is for someone flexible, who wants to learn all aspects of life in an hostel.

We encourage a fun and energetic work environment. We have activities every day for our guests and we encourage staff to get involved.

Your internship can be expected to follow the guidelines below. For some students there will be the opportunity for further training and development.

Week 1:
This will be an orientation week within the hostel. We will organise some local tours like , learn to surf day trips, Blue Mountain trips or kayaking with the dolphins to get you acquainted with the local region. We will also encourage you to get involved in our daily events so you can promote these to our customers.

Week 2:
You will be expected to work alongside the housekeeping supervisor so that you can understand the location of all room types and the standard of the accommodation provided. In week two you will commence fully supervised reception training. This training will include learning how to:
– Check guests in and out
– Make a reservation
– Answer phone calls
– Complete the hostel audit procedures
– Assist with guest enquiries
– Control of guest accounts
– Promote activities within the hostel
– Sell Sundry Items
– Daily banking and balancing
– Follow tight reception procedures and daily task lists
– Be responsible for the appearance of the reception, lobby and guest areas
– Provide impeccable five star customer service at all times.

After 2 weeks you should be fully trained on reception skills and will be responsible for your own shifts and banking.

Rostered hours are dependent on the requirements and timeframes of your internship. This can range from 24-38 hours per week.
Reception shifts are generally 6-8 hours long and can be during the morning, day or evening, on weekdays and weekends. We will continue to develop your skills on reception with guidance and feedback from supervisor and colleagues.

It's our responsibility for the right people to be in the right roles so you may also be trained in different aspects of the business that align with what you want to learn and what we think your strengths are.

We can offer you exposure to the following:
– The basics of the retail travel desk on site.
– The basics of Food & Beverage trade
– Administration tasks for example : Banking ,Reports and Debtor reconciliation.
– Data Entry & discovery for example Data input and Guests Surveys.
– Property analysis for example: Quotes and Scheduled Maintenance.

During your internship you may be required to complete certain reports and projects relevant to your training. You may also be subject to regular appraisals and feedback sessions.

You will be expected to develop your job skills whilst completing an internship with us and you will also be expected to adhere to the rules of general employment and behaviour whilst completing your studies with us.

The Perks :
– Accommodation is optional however if you do choose to stay on site you will be provided with free accommodation in a shared space with other students or staff.
– All linen, blankets and towels are provided.
– You will be given free internet/Wifi and Laundry facilities whilst studying your internship.
– You will receive 20% off food and 50% off beverages at our onsite F&B venues.
If the site does not have F&B you may be eligible for a $70 Food allowance per week

Heavily discounted Travel and accommodation if you decide to travel during or after your internship.
Learn a new skill set, Travel and make memories for life!

Other possible locations: Magnetic Island, Noosa, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Melbourne.

Interested ? Please send us a resume to contact@helpstage.com

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