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We are a mechanical engineering consultant in the heavy and light transport industry. Our home office is very informal but we deal with a wide range of customers from corporate organisations to rural individuals.

We design and certify all structural aspects of light and heavy vehicles including:

Crane mountings.

Wheel-base and chassis modifications.

Suspension and axle modifications.

Seat / seat-belt anchorage systems in trucks and motorhomes.

Floor structure designs and cab modifications for motorhomes.

Heavy and light towing connections on trucks, trailers and motorhomes.

Load anchorage / securement systems.

Special purpose vehicle designs.

The ability to communicate with people of all levels (company directors through to a farmer) is important. Most often we deal with work-shop staff (welders, foremen, assembly technicians etc.)

Attention to detail, creativity, neatness, honesty, integrity, the ability to work unsupervised and determination are important attributes for this position.


During site visits : preparation of job sheets using templates and the preparation of hand sketches to capture all relevant vehicle and component dimensions for use in design and drawing tasks.

Manual calculations, including use of spreadsheets. This is for evaluation of bending, torsion, compressive and tensile stresses in various types of mechanical structures and components. Calculations and analysis are performed using field sketches / data collected and / or detail or models provided by customers. Being able to source component data from suppliers of standard parts is an important aspect too.

Use of Solid Works for the generation of 3-D models in order to produce general drawings and also models for FEA.

Results of calculations and analyses to be used for preparation of analysis documents (records of determination), that is, records of validation for designed components / assemblies.
(We would provide training etc and have typical examples to follow).

Some reading and understanding of relevant standards of compliance will be required for consideration during design processes.

An appropriate level of spoken and written English would be required.

You are available from 3 months to 1 year.
Allowance : NZ 2000 /month.

Interested ? Please send us a resume to contact@helpstage.com

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