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Cyprien, internship in Adelaide, Australia, for 3 months. Internship in marketing. School: Télécom Sud Paris.


"I am in Adelaide, in the South of Australia, for my internship. This internship has been found by Helpstage. By this way, I avoided wasting time looking for an internship. It is very hard to find an internship in Australia.


Moreover, a person from Helpstage personally takes care of you and establishes the communication between you and the companies which fit the best with your profile. 

I am currently at the other side of the world in a company which is at the height of my expectations and my studies in progress."  



Aimée, 10 month-internship in Melbourne, Australia.

Internship in marketing and sales. School: BEM Bordeaux.


"Without any real work experience before, I met some difficulties finding an internship that matched with my expectations. And I finally found this website which helped me a lot.

Helpstage staff was very patient, understanding while guiding me and here is the result: six months of happiness where I come into bloom at work! In addition to have met a lot of people in the city recently ranked as the most pleasant in the world, I have a great manager, which makes the experience even more pleasant.

Thanks to Helpstage for this opportunity!"





Julie, 6 months in Perth, Australia, for an internship in digital marketing strategy. School: ISCOM.

"After having spent almost 7 months trying to find an internship far away from Paris, I was at the point of reviewing seriously my initial requirements regarding the internship position, but also regarding a possible remuneration and I was about to give up.  

And the idea of going to Australia came up. I immediately found Helpstage website. Within a week, I had an interview, and within less than a month, I was in Perth with the perfect internship and paid!  

Here life is perfect. I have an exceptional communication with my boss, and I think I will extend my stay up for a year.

Thanks Helpstage for the personal and professional development!




Cyrielle, internship in marketing in Sydney, for 6 months in Australia. School: ESTA Belfort.

"Being in 3rd year in an High Business School, I had to find an internship abroad for September. I had already spent holidays in Australia two years ago, and I wanted to do the experience again, but in an another context and for longer! 

After sending an hundred of emails to Australia, without any answers, in July, I decided to contact HELPSTAGE. 10 days later, I had my internship validated in Sydney. 

This experience in Australia made me grow up, with a better level of English! Australians are very welcoming and I don't regret my choice. My only regret is not being able to extend my trip any longer!".




Charlotte, internship in international sales/communication,

3 months in London. School: IUP Management - Clermont-Ferrand.

"It will soon be a week since I came back to France after my 3 month internship.

This internship went very well, the team was very present and available for me.

In short: a very rewarding and successful experience in an ideal working environment.

Thank you to all the
Helpstage team!".




Ronan, internship in international sales, 5 months in Saint Albans,

United Kingdom. School: ESTA Belfort.

"Finding an internship abroad is not easy for everyone. After several months looking for an internship in London, I decided to contact HELPSTAGE. 

In less than a month, with their help and professionalism, I got an internship in United Kingdom in the field required as well as accommodation. Both personal and professional, this internship was very rewarding and helped me to discover new different cultures.






Vincent, 5 month-internship in marketing in London.

School: ESTA Belfort.

"I thank HELPSTAGE team who helped me to find an internship in a British company within a very short time. The internship was a very rewarding experience and I am still surprised by the simplicity and the work placement speed. 

In other words, HELPSTAGE allows you to quickly find an internship that will undoubtedly be for you a professional and human experience unforgettable. I highly recommend to call them, you will not regret it."