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You are a company


A trainee in your company: "The win-win solution"


Together we define the tasks that you can give to the student, depending on your needs and the profile needed (level of English, studies, etc).

Then we publish your internship offer on our website for free.

You can see examples of internship offers online.


Once we receive the resumes, we select those which can fit your requirements and send you a selection. You can decide if you want to interview them or not. The students apply directly on our website.

Our service is free for the host company because this is the student who pays us a small fee depending on the remuneration that you will give to him/her or not.


What kind of work the student can do?


We mostly work with high business schools but also with some engineering schools. The majority of the internships offered covers the areas of sales, purchase, marketing, project management or engineering. If you have any other offers, we can study your new internship openings.

Is there a financial compensation for the student?

This obviously depends on your resources. Nevertheless, we notice that the students apply first on the paid offers before considering those who are not, unless the missions are very rewarding.

Is there any contract?

Once you have chosen your candidate, you need to sign an internship agreement written by the school, that includes your contact details, the tasks given to the student, the date and place of the internship and the amount of the financial compensation if there is one agreed.

We deal with all the administrative process and the visa applications.


How long can last the internship?

We offer internship placements from 2 months up to one year, depending on the period of internship imposed by the different schools.


Who deals with accommodation and the internship costs?


The student can find and pay his accommodation by himself.

If you wish, you can of course assist the student in his efforts.

may also call us for help to find a suitable accommodation.

What are your obligations to the intern?

The tasks defined in the training agreement must be respected and related to the studies of the student.

The internship agreement is breakable at any time of the internship without prior notice but this decision will be motivated by reasonable reasons such as
an unsatisfactory work from the student for example.